EKX 410 

Commissionatore trilaterale a grande altezza (1000 kg)

48 V 3-phase AC technology for high torques and dynamic movement sequences
First-rate economic efficiency through two-fold energy reclamation
Excellent reliability through AC-3 POWER CONTROL and CAN-Bus
Optimised operator control at ergonomic workplace
Broad application spectrum with solution-oriented options
The EKX 410 of the Kombi range with 48 V AC technology, 1000 kg capacity and lift heights up to 7750 mm gives outstanding performance in narrow aisle warehousing. The ability to stack or retrieve whole pallets and pick individual items from the racking increases flexibility and economic performance. This high efficiency is available to the EKX operator with effortless ease: The clearly arranged cab provides a generously dimensioned workplace. Large storage areas, clear contours and the choice of standing or sitting position make operation significantly more pleasant and thus faster. At the centre of the efficiency-supporting operating concept is the height and tilt adjustable operating console. With a number of innovative performance characteristics, it defines state of the art system ergonomics:

  • Information transmission via graphic display. Important operating data is quickly and legibly depicted in pictograms.

  • Travel and hydraulics are controlled via thumb movement.
  • Two-handed operating concept first class safety and operating comfort.

Switch-free sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information to the onboard computer. Here, all safetyrelevant checks are carried out. The intensity of the required touch is individually adjustable.

48 V 3-phase AC technology
Constant application of 3-phase AC technology for travel, hydraulics and steering drive are characteristic of the EKX 410.
The advantages are obvious:

  • Optimum energy consumption through particularly favourable efficiency factor.
  • High efficiency factor of hydraulic system through speed control of hydraulic motor.
  • Optimised thermal economy allows the use of corrosion-free, heat-resistant plastic containers for hydraulic oil.
  • High efficiency factor for motors.
  • Dynamic movement sequences.
  • Reduced maintenance through omission of components susceptible to wear.

Economic efficiency
During lowering of the mast, energy is fed back into the battery – the “regenerative lowering”. Energy is also fed back into the battery during braking – the “regenerative braking”. Energy reclaimed in this way is additionally available for the next energy consumption. The advantages:

  • Prolonged operating times with the same battery capacity.
  • Improved order picking efficiency.
  • Shorter battery charging times with prolonged battery life at the same time.
  • Lower investments for smaller batteries and reduced energy costs.
AC-3 POWER CONTROL and CAN-Bus make the EKX 140 application as requirement-oriented, economical and reliable as never before. The advantages:

  • Individual adjustment to every application.
  • Active safety through steplessly adjustable speed profiles in narrow aisles and on aprons.
  • Good care of components.
  • Service-friendly through repairable boards and exchangeable interface.

operating panel
Standard equipment
  • Ergonomic operator cab with overhead load guard.
  • Sprung, height-adjustable and foldable seat.
  • Compact operating panel with graphic display, battery discharge monitor, operating hour meter, key switch, emergency stop switch, clock, display of lift height and steering position.
  • Macrolon disk between upper edge of swivelling reach and parapet.
  • Spring clip on rear panel.
  • Fold out bottle holder.
  • Electric power-assisted steering.
  • Travel direction independent diagonal travel speed profiles.
  • AC-3 POWER CONTROL with CAN-Bus connection.
  • Wear-free regenerative braking with energy reclamation.
  • Spring-loaded brake on drive wheel.
  • Stepless speed regulation of hydraulic aggregate.
  • End position and transfer cushioning of all hydraulic functions.
  • Simultaneous lowering of main and additional lift.
  • Overriding rotation / reach cycle.
  • Integrated diagnostic system.
  • Removable rear cover for excellent accessibility.
  • Foldable battery cover.
  • Warning flashing light during lowering and travel operation.
  • Deadman switch.
  • Emergency lowering of main lift under rear cover.
  • Slack chain device.

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